Nail Art a la carte is proud to present the California Collection.

The most beautiful Collection of Gold Nails, Sterling Silver Nails,

14K Gold Nail Charms, Goldplate and Sterling Silver Nail Charms

Leading the Nail Art a la carte California Collection are three elegant designs of 14K Gold Nails
and ten designs of Sterling Silver Nails. All Gold Nails and Silver Nails are all custom cast giving
your jewelry the durability not found in machine pressed inexpensive nails.

On these pages you will also discover the largest Collection of 14K Gold Nail Charms, Sterling
Silver and Goldplate posted Nail Charms on the Internet.

If you are a fan of elegant, yet very affordable Gold Nail Charms and Nail Jewelry, Nail Art a la carte
offers over 400 designs with more new and exciting designs added every month.

Here you will also discover a complete rainbow of Nail Art Rhinestones, Sterling Silver Sized and
Adjustable Toe Rings and Supplies for the Nail Professional.
Nail Art a la carte

5267 Warner Avenue 123 - Huntington Beach - "Surf City USA" - California 92649

714 - 465 - 9292
14K Gold Nails and Sterling Silver Nails, Nail Jewelry, Toe Rings and all Posted Nail Charms are
sent to you attractively packaged in gold foil mini gift boxes. Nail Art a la carte's Jewelry is of the
finest quality and since 1991 has been proudly made in the U.S.A.