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Nail Art a la carte Gold / Silver Nail Adhesive

How to apply a 14K Gold / Sterling Silver Nail to your fingernail

1. Before you start with the glue, clean both the back of the Gold Nail and your fingernail of all
oil, lotions etc. with nail polish remover and let both dry.

2. Brush small amount of glue on your fingernail and a small amount on the back of the Gold
Nail. (just where it will be on your fingernail) Now sit back and WAIT for the glue to DRY.

NOTE: Waiting for the glue to DRY is the most important step. The glue on your fingernail and
the Gold Nail must be DRY. This could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes
depending on the temperature and humidity for the glue to DRY.

How do you know when the glue is DRY ... just touch it. If it feels WET ... it is NOT DRY. Just
wait another few minutes and test again to see if it is really DRY.

3. After you are sure the glue is DRY, match the Gold Nail to your fingernail and apply a little
pressure with the fingers of your other hand for a few seconds and you are done.

There are only three reasons the Gold / Sterling Silver Nail will not stay in place:

1. The glue was not yet DRY. 2. Not enough glue on the Nail and / or fingernail.

3. The fingernail and/or the Gold Nail was not really clean.

To remove the Gold Nail, just soak your fingernail and the Gold Nail in a small container of nail
polish remover for a few minutes.

The nail polish remover will dissolve the glue and it will become "stringy". When this happens,
just remove the Gold Nail from your fingernail, clean both and you are done. Nail polish
remover will NOT hurt your 14K Gold / Sterling Silver Nail.
Gold / Silver Nail Adhesive

The best adhesive for use on all Gold and Silver Nails.

1/2 ounce bottle with brush in the cap is very easy to

apply to both the natural fingernail and the Gold / Silver Nail.

After the adhesive sets up, it will hold the

Gold / Silver Nail firmly in place for up to seven days.

Dries clear and can easily be removed with polish remover

when it's time to reposition the Gold / Silver Nail.

$9.95 Each - 2 for $16.95
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