The "Nuts and Bolts" of Posted Nail Charms

"Bolt Head"
Nail Charm
Nail Charm "Post"
Nail Charm "Nut"
This is an enlarged view of a typical "Bolt' with a "Nut" being turned up the
threads of the Bolt. Use this example to visualize the concept of a typical
"Posted" Nail Charm.

On the left is the "Bolt Head". Imagine that this is the actual Nail Charm Design. ie.
Hearts, Flowers, Diamond, Design etc.

The Nail Charm is hand soldered to a miniature "Bolt" that we call the Nail Charm
"Post". This Post is, as we know the part that goes through your fingernail.

To secure the Nail Charm to your fingernail a Nail Charm "Nut" is turned up the
Post (Bolt) until it fits snug against the underside of the fingernail.

When the Nail Charm Nut is secure / snug, the excess Post (Bolt) is cut away so
that it does not catch on clothing etc.

"Posted" Nail Charms can be worn for many many years without damage or can
be damaged the very first time it is placed on your fingernail

There are only two ways to damage your Nail Charm:

1 - Over tightening the Nut against the fingernail may break the solder joint
causing the actual Nail Charm to break away from the Post (Bolt).

2 - Cross Threading the Nut when threading it up the Post (Bolt) will strip the
threads of the Post and will cause the Nut to spin on the Post.

Nail Art a la carte is not set up to repair Nail Charms, but if you do have a broken
Post or one that has been cross threaded we will be happy to send two new Posts
to you at no charge with easy instructions for your local jeweler's replacement.

Just bring both of them (one and the spare) and the instructions to any Jeweler in
your area and they will be able to solder the new post to the Nail Charm in less
than five minutes at a small cost.

If you need new Nail Charm posts, please click on the following E-mail button and
give us your name and address and we'll send the new posts to you right away.

If you need additional information, please let us know.

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